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I’m almost ashamed to look at the date of my first blog! How has all that time gotten away on me? I’d like to say I’ve been busy writing and I have, some of the time. But for the rest of it? I have to admit to succumbing to the inner critic and negativity.

Yep, that little voice that wants to know who the heck you think you are. What could you possibly write that would make a difference or matter to somebody else? Who would want to read anything you write? So today I decided to shut that voice up once and for all which is why I am now back in the saddle so to speak.

The biggest event of the last few months was losing my mother. Age 92, suffering with advanced Alzheimer’s, bed ridden for the last eight months of her life, it was a blessed relief for her. My father passed away in January, 2001 and with my mother’s passing  there was suddenly a huge, gaping hole in my life when I realized that I was now an adult orphan.  I know grief is personal and different for everyone but the emotions that surfaced surprised me.

A very wise friend said  that when the last parent dies, it means our generation is next – so in part we mourn and grieve our own death and that makes perfect sense to me. My grandmother (my mother’s mother) said there is only one certainty in life and that is that we all will die, we just don’t know where or when. Not particularly cheerful, but true.

So for now I intend to not let that inner critic hamper my blogging efforts and will see you all next week as I have decided that Wednesdays will be my blogging night!





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